Darabase Property & Retail Portal

The Property & Retail Portal is at the heart of Darabase’s products and services. Creating an account is fast and simple and enables registration of as many properties as you have in your portfolio. 


Once registered, you can access services such as MonitAR, AR campaign management solutions and create a new revenue stream by allowing AR property advertising.


Serve your own AR content

Millions of people are viewing AR content on the world around them everyday in mobile platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and hundreds of games and apps like Pokemon Go and Google Maps.


Through Darabase you can now reach your audience in a new and engaging way, displaying AR promotions, offers and content directly on your property or store-front.


We make this simple, easy and cost effective through our automated campaign management and WebAR tools.

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Earn from AR inventory

Darabase lets you create a new revenue stream from your properties by giving permission for AR advertising.  It’s just like having a billboard or screen on your building, but without the hassle, capital cost and maintenance.


Benefit from the growing market for location-based AR advertising through direct and agency sales and via our network of publisher partners.


When your location is used, you receive a media fee and all deals and payments are made simple through Darabase.