Augmenting Outdoor Media

Darabase has a unique set of tools to help advertisers, agencies and media companies bring their digital and traditional outdoor campaigns to life.

Add immersive, interactive and trackable AR experiences via the viewer’s mobile device, driving engagement, sharing, footfall and sales, both physical and digital.


AR in Iconic locations

There’s now no need to restrict your world-scale AR experiences to traditional outdoor media locations. Darabase is building an ever-increasing inventory of iconic and highly trafficked locations and buildings with owner permissions.

Surprise, delight and engage audiences by placing your AR experiences in the world around them, at scale and with all the benefits of digital media.

Interested in augmenting your campaigns?

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Run of World AR Inventory

Darabase has a growing database of thousands of properties in valuable urban properties where multi-location AR campaigns can be displayed.

Of value to both advertisers and AR apps looking to monetise their audience, now you can run scaled immersive campaigns, layering digital content on the world around your customers.