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See hidden issues on your property

Physical issues with your buildings, like graffiti or damage, are obvious and it’s easy to take action and remedy.


Location-based Augmented Reality content is all around us and being viewed by millions or people daily on social platforms like Snapchat and games like Pokémon Go.


For the first time, MonitAR makes it simple for you to see and track what AR content and activity is happening on your properties.


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“Property owners may be blissfully unaware of AR activity around their buildings as it is invisible (unless they are using the right game or application!). Equally, they could be missing an opportunity to leverage the AR users in their area.”


Susan Freeman - Mishcon de Reya

Propertyshe perspectives, Property Week


Manage your risks

AR content represents a number of real risks and issues for your building and company.  MonitAR can help you see, understand and manage:


  • Reputational damage and libelous content

  • Crowding from unwanted footfall seeking out AR content and locations

  • Implied endorsement from you and passing off issues

  • Potential trespass and its associated liabilities


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Take action

Once you can see and understand the risks, MonitAR makes it easy for you to take action on any undesirable or unwanted AR content and locations.


  • Use the interactive map to see content from multiple sources 

  • Receive warnings and alerts about new or problematic content

  • Use “One click” take action tools to contact AR publishers to request content removal from your properties

  • Track and report risk mitigation actions through the MonitAR audit tool

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