Frequently asked questions

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, or AR, is where digital content is displayed on the real world, normally through a mobile phone camera. This includes lenses on social platforms like Snapchat and Facebook, many of which transform your face, but increasingly the world around us is being augmented too, like in Pokemon Go or Google Maps LiveView. Already over a billion people globally are using AR regularly and this is growing all the time.

What does Darabase do?

More and more AR and digital content is displayed on top of physical locations and buildings like it’s really there. Darabase helps property companies and individuals monitor the content being displayed in their location to ensure that the content is appropriate. If you want to have content removed we can help with that or if you would prefer to display your own content on your property, for example if you are a retailer and you’d like to show offers and promotions in AR to those outside your store, Darabase has a simple tool for that too. Finally you might like to offer your building as inventory for commercial AR content and if so, we have a product that makes this available and once the property owner has given their permission, that they are rewarded with a share of the advertising revenue.

Why should I register my property on Darabase?

Darabase puts you in control. It is free to register if you want to offer your building as inventory and if you prefer to simply monitor what is going on around your property (or multiple properties) or serve your own content, then there is a small monthly fee. It’s your choice. All the biggest digital technology businesses like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Google along with thousands of other companies are investing billions to make AR the future platform for how we consume digital content. Much of this content will be displayed on the world around us. Darabase exists to create a fair, private and permission based ecosystem which you can be a part of by registering.

How much money can I make allowing AR content to be displayed on my property?

When you register your property on Darabase and opt-in to allow third party content, we will make it available to advertisers for promotional activity. If AR content is digitally displayed on your property, Darabase will collect a Media Fee from the advertiser which we then share with you. The amount of money you earn from allowing advertising and commercial content to be displayed is linked to the size of the audience who see it. There are two main elements driving this audience - 1) where your property is located, for example is it on a busy city high street or down a small country lane, and 2) how many people are using AR applications and websites which leverage Darabase’s tools to serve permission-based advertising on properties. Research states that there are currently over 3,000 AR mobile apps and that the number is set to grow to deliver a staggering 9.1 billion AR app downloads by 2022 (Juniper Research). Darabase is working hard to integrate into as many as possible to make sure they have the right advertising permissions and so that our property partners can earn more and more from their properties as AR usage grows.

Can I display my own content and promotions on my property?

Yes. Darabase has built a solution which enables property owners and leaseholders to serve their own content simply and easily with no prior AR or coding experience. To do so you upload information about your property and location, including a photo of the building to act as a “marker”. You can then upload a range of content (images, videos, interactive content etc.) to be displayed on the property when a user views it in an AR app or website using Darabase. We create a unique AR web page for you, where you and your users and customers can see your AR content when you hold up your mobile phone camera at your property. If you have a mobile app, we have an SDK (software development kit) to make it easy to AR enable that too.

Who will see the AR content on my property?

Darabase gives you the tools to be able to make the AR content viewable on your property through a unique web page and by enabling AR functionality inside a mobile application. In addition, Darabase is building a network of AR applications, available on both iOS and Android, where your AR content can be displayed when anyone is using the AR app in your location.

Do I have to pay to display my own content on my property?

In order to use Darabase’s tools and services there is a monthly platform fee and a cost to serve the content.. If you have multiple properties, the platform fee per property comes down, dependent on the size of your portfolio. If you are interested in knowing more please contact us or apply to join our private beta.

Can Darabase make sure that no AR content ever appears on my property?

Darabase is passionate about ensuring that commercial AR content is only served with the express permission of the property owner and we are working with responsible brands, agencies and publishers to make that happen. MonitAR is a unique product that allows you to visualise and understand AR content on and around your property and to take action where you find content you are unhappy about. Please register with Darabase to access this tool and take advantage of our hands-off removal request services. If you are registered with Darabase and do find commercial AR content being served on your property without your permission, you can let us know at and we will look into resolving the situation on your behalf. We are not able to prevent any content being served from apps and publishers who decide to display AR content without permission and who do not use Darabase.

What are the terms and conditions around registering an account and properties with Darabase?

When you set up an account and register a property with Darabase you are entering into a contract where there are a number of commitments on both sides. You can find the full terms and conditions at as well as some useful guidelines to Darabase’s services at

How can I cancel my account if I change my mind?

If you are a consumer and decide that you would like to cancel your account within 14 days of registering on Darabase, you can submit a request to

How can I see and monitor what content is on my property?

When you register your property on Darabase you will be given the choice to sign up to our MonitAR product. This is a tool specifically designed to help property owners see the AR and digital content being placed in their locations from popular games, user-generated social media content platforms and apps and other digital property applications. You will be alerted to new content and can choose to take advantage of a simple hands-off service to request inappropriate or damaging material is removed.