Property Portal

Registering your property on Darabase is free and you can earn money from allowing advertising to be shown.  If you would like to display your own content, offers or promotions on your building or would like to block AR content through Darabase, there are cost effective plans and a free trial if you sign up today.

To enroll on our private beta programme, please contact us and tell us a little about your property AR objectives.

Enable AR advertising

Free to register and earn money

Allow AR advertising to be served on your property and earn money

Free use of Darabase  Portal to manage the type of content you will accept

View analytics on how many times your property has been used

Understand how much you are owed and when it will be paid

Display your own AR content

Free trial, then from £45 per month

Use Darabase Portal to manage property markers and campaigns

Portal includes content hosting and analytics tools

Up to 500 views/month of content included, with option to buy more

Your own shareable AR web page with your content on your property

Block AR content

Apply to private Beta 

Darabase Portal to manage property permissions to block content

Inclusion in Darabase’s live data service to instruct no AR content to be served on your property

Peace of mind that Darabase is protecting your property from unwanted or competitive content and advertising