The property registry and platform for location-based AR

Darabase allows property owners, managers and retailers to understand what AR and digital content is being viewed in their locations and take action to protect their rights, display their own AR content and monetise their physical assets digitally.


We enable advertisers and publishers to run brand-safe, innovative AR experiences in prominent locations.

GeoAR is exploding and property owners need to act now

AR advertising is already a multi-billion dollar industry and is increasingly shifting from faces to places, from selfie filters to digital layers over the physical world.


Facebook has over a billion people using AR and Snapchat has 70% of their users interacting with AR every day.  There are also a growing number of GeoAR apps such as Google Maps and Pokémon Go.

Property owners need to react now to take control over how AR content is displayed on their buildings and understand how best to leverage this new technology.


Property Owners, protect and earn

We’re building the permission service between the physical and digital worlds.  Registering on Darabase allows you to see what AR activity is happening on your properties and to take control of your rights and IP in this new digital medium.


Through the Darabase portal you can protect and manage AR content on your properties:

  • see and take action on digital content with MonitAR,

  • display your own AR content and campaigns, or

  • make money by allowing AR advertising to appear on your building, just like today’s billboards, but with no physical installation or costs.


Risk monitoring and insight for property-based digital content

Advertisers, the brand-safe AR approach

Advertisers and agencies want to run responsible, permission-based campaigns.  Darabase brings the rules, systems and processes of well-established media to AR ensuring the ecosystem can run smoothly.  

Darabase gives brands the latest technology to serve AR content on location and access to a large, unique inventory of iconic urban locations on which to run GeoAR campaigns, safe in the knowledge that all property owners have given their consent and will be remunerated.

Publishers, monetise your AR experience

Darabase makes it simple for publishers and application developers to monetise their experiences and audience with GeoAR commercial content. 


Darabase’s tools allow you to integrate AR advertising and paid content into your digital properties in a non-intrusive and engaging way, receiving a great revenue stream.

Darabase solutions


Protect your properties from multiple risks, from reputational damage to trespass, by visualising the AR content and activity in your locations.

Property Portal

Create your own AR content campaigns on your buildings and/or earn a new revenue stream by allowing third party AR advertising on your properties

Developer Tools

(coming soon)

  • Unity AR Foundation SDK

  • AR Cloud and VPS demos

  • WebAR and marker solutions

Darabase partners

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What our partners say

All the biggest tech companies in the world have plans for how immersive and AR content will be placed seamlessly in the world around us.  Property companies and retailers need to figure out how to harness the significant opportunity to create incremental value in this emerging space.  We are excited to be exploring this area with Darabase to help us understand the digital layer on our physical properties.

Tim Peacock - Innovation Director, Landsec

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