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Darabase is a turnkey platform and solution for brands, advertisers and retailers wanting to run immersive Augmented Reality Outdoor Media, layered on the real world.

We augment existing outdoor media screens and billboards, deliver permission-based AR campaigns in iconic locations and provide scale geographic coverage through our "Run of World" AR inventory network.

We help retailers use AR to drive footfall and sales and enable property companies to monetise their estate, while monitoring what AR content is being placed and viewed in their locations.

GeoAR is the next major digital platform for advertisers, retailers and property owners

AR advertising is already a multi-billion dollar industry and is increasingly shifting from faces to places, from selfie filters to digital layers over the physical world.

There are already 1 billion monthly users of mobile AR using over 3,000 AR mobile apps.  Facebook alone has over 600 million AR monthly users and Snapchat sees an average of 30 AR interactions per user every day.

GeoAR isn’t just about Pokémon Go, Snap and Google Maps. It is increasingly being used for a broad range of experiences, from retail to events, arts and culture to brand marketing and direct sales.

Explore how Darabase can help your company to take advantage of this augmented future today.


Advertisers, the brand-safe AR approach

Advertisers and agencies want to run impactful and effective campaigns underpinned with permission. Darabase can augment your existing outdoor media as well as add amazing locations for AR content experiences, using the well-established rules, systems and processes of traditional outdoor media.


Darabase is the AR partner for the

iconic Piccadilly Lights

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Want to understand the IP, legal and regulatory considerations for property owners from location-based AR?  

Download the Freeths White Paper now.

Property Owners, protect and earn

We’re building the permission service between the physical and digital worlds.  Registering on Darabase allows you to make your property available as inventory for GeoAR campaigns and see what AR activity is already happening on and around your properties.


Through the Darabase portal you can:

  • make money by allowing AR advertising to appear on your building, just like the traditional Outdoor Media model, but without the planning and cost

  • display your own AR content and campaigns

  • see and take action against unwanted AR content on and around your property with MonitAR,

Publishers, monetise your AR experience

Darabase makes it simple for publishers and application developers to monetise their experiences and audience with GeoAR commercial content. 

Darabase’s tools enable you to integrate AR advertising and paid content into your mobile apps in a non-intrusive and engaging way, receiving a great revenue stream.

Darabase solutions

AR Outdoor Solutions

Augment existing Outdoor Media or create immersive AR experiences layered on iconic locations or across whole cities.

Property & Retail Portal

Register to create and serve your own AR campaigns or earn revenue by allowing AR outdoor media and Monitor existing AR content in your locations, .

Developer Tools

(coming soon)

  • WebAR and marker solutions

  • Unity AR Foundation SDK

  • AR Cloud and VPS demos

Darabase partners

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What our partners say

All the biggest tech companies in the world have plans for how immersive and AR content will be placed seamlessly in the world around us.  Property companies and retailers need to figure out how to harness the significant opportunity to create incremental value in this emerging space.  We are excited to be exploring this area with Darabase to help us understand the digital layer on our physical properties.

Tim Peacock - Innovation Director, Landsec

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