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The platform to manage and monetise AR permissions on the physical world

Control your reality

Hi, we're Darabase

Darabase is a turnkey platform for Property Owners and Retailers to control, publish and monetise AR content on their location and for Advertisers to reach their target audiences in this new medium through our network of publisher apps and permission based inventory.

It enables all parties to share in the potential of location-based Augmented Reality, or GeoAR as we like to call it.


What we do

Brands & Agencies

Through Darabase’s GeoAR Ad Network and Programmatic Data Service, advertisers can target quality audiences in the world’s leading Location AR experiences.

The GeoAR inventory is location and permission-based, enabling campaign confidence and brand safety.

Property Owners & Retailers

Property Owners and Retailers, big and small, can control the Augmented Reality content that appears on their location.

They can show their own content, earn money from GeoAR advertising or pay a small fee to block AR content altogether across all responsible services leveraging Darabase.

App & Web Publishers

Publishers and app owners can simply integrate GeoAR advertising and paid content into their experience and achieve an incremental revenue stream.

Their users will benefit from contextual offers and information based on their location and digital profile.

What's the problem?

Currently there is no clarity or system for who “owns” the virtual layer on physical property.  Anyone can put anything anywhere. There is no concept of virtual trespass or nuisance.

Advertisers want brand safety and permission-based best practice across their campaigns and why should AR be any different?


Property owners want to be able to control what appears on their buildings and earn from it as they do today in Out Of Home media.

Retailers don't want their competitors' messages on their shop windows - they want to show their own offers and promotions.

Darabase - the solution

Darabase puts Property Owners and Retailers in control through a simple permissions dashboard and content tool.

For Advertisers, Publishers and App Owners we are building the world's first GeoAR advertising network bringing together location-based inventory and advertiser demand through direct and programmatic channels.

Our ethos is to abide by the same guidelines and rules as physical media, ensuring appropriate consents, permissions and payments to all parties.

Darabase’s inventory sits in a virtual layer tied to physical property, allowing contextual targeting of content based on a user's location.


Ad Network

Darabase is building the world’s first permission Ad Network for location based augmented reality.

Our products


Control Panel

The real world is owned by people and companies. Through Darabase they can control what AR content appears on their property.

Location & Permission

Data Service

Where GeoAR advertising is traded  programmatically, Darabase delivers a valuable, real time data enrichment and permission targeting service.

Darabase partners


What people say

All the biggest tech companies in the world have plans for how immersive and AR content will be placed seamlessly in the world around us.  Property companies and retailers need to figure out how to harness the significant opportunity to create incremental value in this emerging space.  We are excited to be exploring this area with Darabase to help us understand the digital layer on our physical properties.

Tim Peacock - Innovation Director, Landsec

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